On the market there are many replacements LED. There are many reasons why it is not worth the same exchange lamps and more profitable to apply the LED lighting.

There are replacements LED designed specifically to work with inductive or electronic ballast. At first glance, we are not stated. So we need the opinion of an experienced electrician who knows the requirements of the installation. LED replacements have a high failure rate, this is a huge annoyance for placement of lamps at heights or in confined spaces.
Another problem is the light. Replacement LED emits light directed downward, while the LED luminaires even light distribution in all directions. This makes it a completely different light effect in the room, because optical systems, such as screens or mirrors, to a large extent lose their function. Problems may occur in the intensity and uniformity of light, glare reduction, energy efficiency, light color, color rendering, illuminance distribution in the room and the aging and thermal management.

For safety reasons, replacement lamps for LED replacements should be very well thought out. Because it leads to inappropriate use of the luminaire, which loses its certificate (VDE or ENEC). The result is that the risks associated with non-compliance electric, electromagnetic, mechanical or thermal corresponds to the user